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Mining equipment

Openworks, underground developments, processing of minerals, ware-house works.


Details of boilers, details of pipelines, pipe riffles forming, cast wares, technological equipment, non-standard equipment

Railway equipment

Linear fitting to the LEP, fitting to the lines of electric transmission, transformers.

Alteko Action Trade

We have been creating for you products of the highest quality and irreproachable services for more than 15 years.

High standards of our production and trading business deployed throughout the whole Ukraine allows our domestic products being on a par with the quality of goods and services manufactured in countries of the CIS and other countries.

Our longstanding experience of work and our striving for moving ahead, to the successful Tomorrow, encourage our specialists not only to be matched with the current moment of time but also to apply innovative technologies and practices and to discover new perspectives for further development and advance.

Alteko Action Trade

We are official dealers of NKMZ (Novokramatorsky mashinostroitelny zavod) and have already been supplying a wide range of mining equipment to Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan for 17 years.

For historical reasons, generally, crushing and milling complexes and spare parts for them were supplied. Lifting equipment (cranes, excavators), large electric motors, gearboxes, special chemicals (in particular - ion exchange resin) also were supplied and are supplied now. All the production is the production of Ukrainian enterprises. In addition, at customer’s request, we can offer Russian-made production, and the world leaders’ - ABB, Siemens, etc. - automation.

We work closely with project organizations and under their authorial supervision complete large individual orders. One of the recent examples of the mining-and-transport complex is the "CCM-Ore" on the open pit "Muruntau" of the Navoiysk Mining and Metallurgical Combine, the Republic of Uzbekistan: http://www.knk270.com/. Steeply inclined conveyor - is a very promising direction.

At the moment, our company is promoting a large-scale project in Kazakhstan on replacement of morally and technically outdated mining elevating machines.

Also, our company can carry out modernization of the mining and mining-and-processing technology based on advanced software systems of one of our partner-company: http://ao-constar.com/

We are not afraid to invest in large-scale engineering and investment projects, which are usually implementing for several years. We have the ability to attract credit funds to organize pre-project and project financing of our customers.

We create perfect service and only the highest quality products for you. A flexible price policy, mutual trust and transparency in business dealings - is the basis of effective cooperation with our partners. We always do our best for you to have long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with us.

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