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Mining equipment

Openworks, underground developments, processing of minerals, ware-house works.


Details of boilers, details of pipelines, pipe riffles forming, cast wares, technological equipment, non-standard equipment

Railway equipment

Linear fitting to the LEP, fitting to the lines of electric transmission, transformers.


Mining and transport complex "CCM-ore" is set to "Muruntau" quarry Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combine, Republic of Uzbekistan.

Complex is intended to receive primary crushing gold ore from dump tracks, and to transport it with the steeply inclined conveyor (SIC) to the loading place, to feed with loader in dump cars for further transportation to the processing plant. In the absence of railway rolling stock, the rocky loader-stacker stacks ore in stockpile storage.

The complex includes individual manufacturing equipment: CTP based on crusher DSHZ -1300/300 Steeply inclined Conveyor SIC 270 Stacking conveyor SC-3500 The rocky loader-stacker RLS-3500 with the reloading pallet truck Control cab CCC All equipment of the complex is made by manufacturers and supplied to the customer large blocks units (dimensions limited by the terms of transport) to reduce installation time. With equipment supplied kit installation and maintenance documentation (in triplicate), and passports for the components of the product.
Alteko Action Trade (Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk)
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Exclusive. The development of the CCM with steeply inclined conveyor in deep Muruntau quarry. .

Innovative development of resource-saving technologies CCM and its influence on economy of means in Muruntau.
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On the scene.

On the 17th of March on Muruntau quarry, Central Mining Administration, there was a great event in the history of the Combinat gold miners – commissioning of the steeply-inclined conveyor, which has become a key link in OCCP complex. A 44-year long history had preceded this day. In spring 1967 the first explosion was on Muruntau. Since then, from the career cup were seized more than one billion 300 million cubic meters of mined rock. Zarafshan manufacturing complex stays one of the main gold workshop of Uzbekistan over the years, and mine "Muruntau" – is a main testing ground for new techniques, technologies and equipment.
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At the largest gold deposits in Uzbekistan started to use the unique conveyor.

Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combine (NMMC), on the mine Muruntau started using steeply inclined conveyor SIC-270 and crushing reclaim handling on-loading complex from February 2011, reports I.A Regnum. According to the head of the mine "Muruntau" Central Mining Administration of NMMC Fyodor Kravchenko, the uniqueness of this complex is that it is the largest in the world on height of transportation and its productivity.
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